Lorna's flexible approach

Lorna started her career in brand marketing and sales by joining the graduate marketing scheme at Cadbury, before moving to Cussons.  In 2000, Lorna moved into personal branding and communication driven by an interest in how individuals can learn to market themselves and the payback that can be achieved from getting this right.  She now has a thriving business called Individual Impact.  Her direct, dynamic and engaging style has energised thousands of individuals.

Like all of us, every client is different.  Whether an individual or a major corporate client, administrative staff or senior executives, every job starts with a discussion about the requirements so that a tailored approach can be developed.  The topics have evolved over time to include things like building resilience in the face of change and courageous conversations, but typically revolve around the two broad areas of personal impact and interpersonal impact in the workplace.

Increasingly clients wish to apply some objective measurement to support their people.  As part of her workshops, Lorna is qualified to use a range of psychometric tools such as Myers Briggs (MBTI), FIRO-B, Leadership Versatility Index (LVI), Hogan and is a qualified NLP Practitioner.

The resulting delivery approach might range from full or half-day sessions with different sized groups, a series of workshops, lunch and learn sessions up to motivational presentations to large audiences.  Or sometimes just a relaxed 1:1 at home.

Lorna Hudson
There is so much variety with the types of training I offer and the diverse range of clients I see, yet the principles remain the same; it is about people making the most of themselves and learning to optimise their individual impact.  My passion for my work is driven by the successes I have achieved in transforming the lives of so many. I aim to be insightful, challenging and fun.